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Thank you very much Alan_S for the trick. I would like to add only a small precision (for others that will follow).

Koreader dictionary font size (Wordnet, or others)

For a Kobo Clara HD (the one I have) :

1. Exit from KOreader (go back to the standard system menu that comes with Kobo)

2. Connect the Kobo to your computer and accept the connection (in a pop-up window appeared in your reader)

3. Go to Kobo drive letter, for instance drive E:

4. Go to ".adds" directory

5. Go to "koreader" directory

6. Find the defaults.lua file.

NB: if you can not see the ".lua" part, you should "unhide file extension names" in your system (google for that). In any case, there is only one "defaults" file, and that one IS the .lua file I am referring to.

7. Open the "defaults.lua" file with a text editor like Notepad, Notepad++ or SublimeText, etc (not WordPad, not MS Word, etc)

8. Update DDICT_FONT_SIZE = 20 to the size you want (usually between 20 and 28)

9. That's it.
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