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Well, shucks! I shouldn't have waited this long to jump into this thread, and now I struggle to find something cogent to say to all the commentary that has gone before.

First, I want to thank John, Dave, and the other contributors (Drake? - I surely don't want to leave anyone out, but since the source tree has been removed from google code, I'm working from (a very faulty) memory) for the absolutely awesome work they have done to bring sigil to this point. I've been using it since about version 0.2, when it was still mostly a gleam in Valloric's eye, until now. When he handed it off to user-none, I had the same misgivings as Hitch. Namely, that its days were numbered. But, I thought, by now the basic functionality I needed was in place; and not too buggy, so dayenu! It is enough! But that was not to be.

I have been following the code base all along, and I wonder how many regulars in this thread realize how massive the changes "under the hood" have been since user-none stepped up to the plate. People, according to the fascinating statistics cited above, there are over a million lines of code in the current project. And, it's C++ at that. If you are not a C++ coder -- and I'm not, though not for want of effort -- let me tell you that John et al. have done a mighty work to bring Sigil to where it is today.

Who am I, and where am I coming from? As some of you know, I work for a small-press publisher that has been active in both e-books and print for a decade or more. My job is to prepare the e-books for distribution. (BTW, for better or worse, we are adamantly non-DRM, so that isn't a consideration.) In my workflow, I take master files in Adobe InDesign format, or Word .doc files (if there is no print contract, or if we are doing an ARC), export them as an epub, and use Sigil to make final modifications, which are not insignificant. Sigil is so important to our workflow, that if it ceased to exist, I would create a virtual Linux machine at the last level that was compatible with Sigil, and install the Last Sigil, and keep it as an application that would enable me to edit and modify our epubs, from which we make every other commercial format.

And yes, my company are monitary contributors to the Sigil project. And if stepping that up would help, I'm sure we would. Not that I have any control over those decisions, but my input is valued, I think.

Sure, I could do it by hand, but Sigil does all the book-keeping when an epub is modified. To do it by hand, I'd never remember all the changes in content.opf, for example, not to mention the toc.ncx, and whatever else.

So yeah, Sigil in its present form will live forever on our network. But I hope it will manage to survive in development somehow.

And with heartfelt thanks to John et al. I remain,

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