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Originally Posted by HarryT View Post
The WEB Bible is a "dynamic" translation, rather than a "formal" one, so it is a lot more readable than the KJV, and converts all the idioms into modern English (unlike the KJV). As someone else said, however, it has been criticised for the sources it uses. As a freebie, though, it's pretty good.
I went to the fountain of all knowledge (except for the vandalism), Wikipedia, looking for criticism on the various translations. Although Wikipedia didn't have much in the way of WEB criticism, it did have links to NIV criticism. The jist of one link was that the NSRV is the cleanest translation and the NIV was translated by Protestant (only), Evangelical scholars with an agenda. The link then proceeded to show the same passages from NIV, KJV, and NSRV and how translations were manipulated to further said agenda.

I then pulled up the WEB in a neighboring tab and compared each passage to the passages shown in the link. By this standard of criticism, the WEB faired very well. Not quite as clean as the NSRV, but in the ballpark.

I'll keep looking for Fair and Balanced assessments of the various translations but for now I'm off the NIV. I'll stick with my WEB and stay away from the "size" button until I have time to format it the way I want it. Maybe we'll get a NSRV at the Connect store.

I'd be interested in hearing the thoughts of others on the various translations, especially fans of the NIV.
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