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I just got mine today and I could so with some help please.
The stock reading app is not very good. Big problem is the lack of font size options, it goes from small to huge in one step.
So I've been trying other app but they all have issues:
AI reader won't open just crashes
Lithium page buttons won't work, I've turned them on in settings, rebooted etc. Other than that I liked the app so if anyone knows how to get the buttons to working I'd love to know.
Same with Kindle page buttons don't work
Readera crashes when opening a book

I'm very disappointed in this reader. It's laggy. There seems to be nowhere to close all tabs, you have to do it one by one. No option to set refresh rate. The back needed to be rubberised and the buttons less loud and clicky. I'm not bothered by the lack of Google play. I am bothered by having only one reader app that isn't good enough.

I have i86mlplus. Pretty much the same specs and despite being 3 years old it's much better than this in software and speed.

Any ideas please. Thanks

This is going to have to go back, it's too buggy. I've tried other reader apps none work with buttons. The inkbook reader, you can't change books without closing the app. Doesn't matter if you go through the home pages, files or library. It either doesn't bother opening or gives you white screen then crashes.
Everytime you change a font within the book it goes back to the begining of the book.
Publishers fonts - starts really small then the next font is large. The smallest pick your font option is too big.

I've sent Inkbook a message, hopefully they'll get back to me. If not I'll return it.

Sorry this is turning into a ramble, I've figured something out. Unfortuntely in library it doesn't recognise folders, it expects you to just dump all your books in one place. So I prefer 'files'. If when reading you want to change books use the button at the bottom in the middle, not the on screen back button. With the onscreen back button the book doesn't close so the new book you have selected doesn't open. Using the button on the bottom you get a quick message flash up saying something like 'closing book' and when you select another one it does open.

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