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Originally Posted by rvcjew View Post
Yeah that's the issue Boyue is not linking there updates anywhere, only way to get them is someone who downloaded but did not take it yet has in the root of their storage that they can copy it somewhere else first. I don't think what you had on it before would make any issue as this is system wide and a device issue. Have you tried contacting the seller you got the unit from perhaps they can get you this file?

@foro.carlos Can you ask your contact when you get time to get at least the OTA's cause this users device is basically un-usable due to what seems a bad OTA with no provided local update to repair it. If the OTA was bad the factory reset will do nothing as it will just pull from the new OTA data that's now in the system Partition.
just spitballing here: what if you connect your likebook to the same network as a windows device, and run Charles Proxy on that windows device?

make likebook connect thru charles proxy on the wifi setting.

maybe the update package URL can be sniffed? (maybe press check for update and look for the responses, the url maybe hidden in the responses)
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