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It also reads FB2 and txt and I think rtf...

But ZX reader's certificate is expired.

Since its free, the kind person who wrote it probably doesn't feel like paying Nokia big bucks for a new cert.

I managed to install it by setting the current date on my phone to 2008
(I think.. I remember I tried a few years like 2007, 2008, 2009)

Once its installed, you can set the date back to the real date and it'll keep running just fine.

Symbian is supposed to be an open system, but that's BS... the "signed" and super short certificate expirations work to freeze out small developers and especially anyone who wants to offer freeware. Basically, Nokia folds not only to Telco's on everything, but also skewed the system to keep application prices high for large developers.

Contrast that with Google: Developers sign their own apps, using their developer account, there is no cost... And the minimum duration for certificates is 25 years...

Some larger developers will hate having to compete with smaller ones and be forced to spend more cash to make better apps, and charge less, cause god-oh-god, there's free apps made by some genious in a garage, that blows their big-ass corporate software teams out of the water, cause they're hired by some non-technical HR guy and run by a Dilbert type boss.

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