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Unhappy M-edge discontinuing Neoprene Book Jacket

I just purchased my iLiad, and was looking for a suitable cover. Given the comments on this site and the iRex forums I was able to determine that other than a couple really good diy jobs that might be a bit beyond my skills, the M-Edge neoprene book jacket cover had the features I wanted. When I went to their site, it said they were out of stock. I e-mailed them to see when they would have them back in, and was told that they were discontinuing the model. They will be replacing it with a version of the Leisure Jacket for the Sony 505. This has a clear vinyl front over the screen, and I'm sure some will like that new choice, but unfortunately I need something with more screen protection.

I like the leather covers, but they all seem to have major design flaws from not securely holding the reader (iRex deluxe), a clasp that could damage the screen (again the iRex deluxe), is only sort of secure with glued on velcro (iRex cover- meant to be a good feature for those who wanted easy removal of reader), or is secured in such a way as to make the flip bar difficult to work (M-Edge executive). The neoprene book jacket had the advantage of securely holding the reader without interfering with the flip bar, the ability to fold the cover back completely, and the only big downside appears to be that the stylus was difficult to access (although some report being able to cut away part of the securing straps without undermining their effectiveness to resolve this). Now all of this is from reading what others have said, as I haven't seen any of these. If I'm mistaken or their have been changes made to address any of what I've listed as flaws, I'd be glad to be corrected.

Have I missed any non-diy options (other than the various pouches) that provide screen protection, secure the reader, and don't interfere with the use of the reader?

Just a dream, but I really wish there were something like the Piel Frama case for my Palm T|X where the cover flips over the top and folds flat similar to the diy case by forum member realityloop seen in this thread ( I know I would butcher any attempt at imitation. OK, dream over.
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