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I think anything with an OLED screen is going to be your best bet for a media player as that is pretty close to e-ink in terms of not having to refresh the whole screen for updates but also having great battery life because blacks don't require any power usage. It will still have a backlight, but should be dimmable. Otherwise you could find an old iPod and replace the disk with a solid state drive and use Rokbox/Rockbox or however it is spelled to replace the default software and enjoy a super long battery life (may need to swap the battery for a newer version as well if it is worn out).

You could also try something like an Adafruit Featherwing with the mp3 shield and a LiPo battery and e-ink display to build your own minimal player. I think maybe one of the screens comes with a d-pad of buttons so you could navigate up and down and have play/pause and another function.

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