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importing books into calibre and metadata - I think!

I posted in the iPad forum thinking this was an iTunes problem, but was recommended I post here. This is what I said:


Apologies in advance if this is dealt with in another thread. I did a search, but got nothing. Perhaps my google-fu is weak! If this is the case, please point me to the right area.

I have books from a previous reader, which calibre has changed into epubs for me. I've figured out the secret codes (lol) which enable me to have the title displayed the way I want, as the file name. For example:

series01 - book title.epub
(This is inside the folder "author name")

should end up as:

series01 - book title
author name


However when I try to import them into iTunes to load onto my iPad, it drops the series name. This makes it difficult to tell what books should be read in what order..I have also tried using "(series01)book title" and "Series01(book title)" etc. It always drops the series, and only loads the title in.

What I actually get is:

book title
author name

How can I remedy this? What setting in iTunes will allow it to find the WHOLE title not just a portion of it? I REALLY need the book series as well as the title...

Thanks for any help on this


In retrospect I wonder if I didn't do the actual importing incorrectly, and since posting this earlier, I've been trying to figure out the regular expressions. It may as well be greek to me

So! What I need to know is:

How do I make the ENTIRE filename be the title of the book? My author name is the name of the folder the books are in. My filenames are Series01 - Book Name.ext This would also solve the pesky series index issue (I don't want it lol)

I can handle doing a bulk edit and adding in the author name, but doing sometimes hundreds of books, one book at a time, to edit the title is daunting to say the least lol.

Thanks again for any help

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