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Book Designer Vista and Allowing Book Covers and Pictures

This is How you do it.

Forget Permissions and Messing with things its simple.

Locate your BD Main Folder and Remember its path

My BD Folder is in my D: Drive its Path is D:\BOOKS\BOOK DESIGNER

(1) Goto your Start Menu / Accessories , Right Click on Command Prompt and run as Administrator.

(2) Select the Drive Your BD Main Folder is on, For me i Would Type D:

(3) Once you at the Drive Just Change Directory, This is Simple you Simply Type cd (Leave a Space) and the folder you want to jump to

so its simple take mine these are my commands once i open up command prompt




Once you are in your MAIN FOLDER (if you get lost just type DIR, it will tell you where you are) all you have to do is run this Command

regsvr32 GflAx.dll

And thats it Simple

You will Have able to add book covers and pictures into the text if you please
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