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Firmware Update Instructions and the latest Firmware Versions

Okay, I think we need a message board to update the latest versions of firmware flying around. I for one had difficulty keeping up with the latest versions when they're buried in thread conversations that is not directly related to firmware updates.

How to Update Firmware (both JB and JBL)

1. Make a backup copy of books, audio files, and pictures that you store on your jetBook.
2. Fully charge the jetBook battery.
3. Download and unpack the firmware package and then transfer the Data, firmware, and reflash_nor folders to the root directory of an SD card. Make sure your SD card does not contain any files other than those found in the firmware package.
4. Place the SD card into your jetBook SD slot.
5. Press the Reset button. The device will turn off. Do not turn it on.
6. Press and hold the On/Off button and right arrow key simultaneously until the jetBook logo appears on the screen. When you keep the buttons held down for several seconds past the Jetbook logo, you'll see a warning message asking to confirm that you wanted to do a firmware upgrade. Select OK.
7. The update process will take about 10 – 15 minutes.
WARNING! Do not press any keys on your jetBook while updating is in progress!
8. When the update process is complete, press the Reset button. The device will turn off.
9. Press and hold the On/Off button for 3 seconds. Release the button. jetBook will start within 1 minute.
10. Firmware update process is completed at this point.

Latest JB Firmware

(Updated 01-19-2010, from 0.33g to 0.34c)
(Updated 01-21-2010, from 0.34c to 0.34b - 0.34c was not working, Ectaco provided another link thus the 0.34b)
(Updated 04-09-2010 - updated link for 0.34b provided by heffe2001 coz the Ectaco link returns an error)
(Updated 04-09-2010 - I copied the link for 0.34c provided by heffe2001. Please read issues regarding this version here.)

Version 0.34b (beta)-
Version 0.34c (beta) -

Both 0.34b and 0.34c are beta versions. Please read these issues before installing. The latest stable version is 0.33g and can be downloaded here:

Latest JBL Firmware

(Updated 03-31-2010, from 0.15 to 0.15d)
(Updated 06-25-2010, Received email from Phil of Ectaco with link for "15g". Check 2nd link below.)
(Updated 07-07-2010, New update, 'v. 0.16'. Check 3rd link below)

Version 0.15d -
Version 15g - ftp://custftp:FQSswyvGQ20So@ftp.ecta...Lite_0.15g.exe
Version 0.16 -

Link to the official Ectaco Upgrade Page:

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