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this actually used to work before the march update. I contacted support about it and they would only say that development is not currently supported but that it would be supported when the SDK is released.

This initially pi55ed me off a little bit as the primary reason I bought the device was for the open android OS and the larger screen size. I won't buy another Apple device until they quit dictating what I can do with my own personal propery.

There are laws that protect copyrighted material so it shouldn't be necessary for entourage to restrict legitimate legal use of adb root access in some futile attempt to prevent illegal use by crackers who have more than sufficient skill, and are perhaps challenged by the restrictions, to do so regardless.

I was tempted to open the device, mount the file system using my computer and re-enable the adbd service, but I decided I was overreacting a bit and would at least wait for the SDK.

For starters, Im anxiously awaiting the android 2, flash, and marketplace. The last update I installed failed and I had to ship it back, so I don't want any support or warrenty issues if the next update also fails for some reason.

Additionaly, root access is not strictly necessay to develop applications. You can use the emulator initially and then copy and install the apk file when completed. However, the emulator is very slow and I can't get it to start at all using the larger screen size so adbd debugging is still a very much needed feature and I hope that they re-enable it when the SDK is released.