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Dear kovid

Thanks for your feedback.
I think I finally found out how to use the iOS browser software as ePub reader!

I couldn't find how to use my iOS browser and I wasn't able to find an explanation on the web. Do you mind if I suggest to introduce some advice on how to use iOS browser as reader within calibre? I believe this would populate this way of using the calibre experience.

Thats how I found it:
Starting with your feedback: "fow mode not paged mode"...

As I didn't know what I was missing, I tried some settings:
On my iPad I'm using my safari-browser to access my calibre-server. When I "click" a single book, a new window appears. I can download / or read the book. If I click read, the book is loaded into the browser application. Without doing anything: I see the book cover and a bottom in the left top corner of the screen. When I "click" the "botton" in the top left corner the browser menu appears. In the browser menu I see "AA". I can "click" and get the options
- reader-view
- hide symbol menu
- request desktop webpage
- webpage-Settings (with two options: "desktop-webpage request" and "use reader automatically"

If I use
- webpage-Settings (disable desktop-webpage and disable automatic reader) and
- hide symbol menu

I do have a nice reader!
Thanks for your help!

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