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Feedback on "The server interface" and "The book reader"

Thanks for calibre!
I'm using it now for a some years and I'm still impressed!

My Feedback
I'm using a calibre-docker (LinusServer-Docker with calibre 4.1.5 on a Synology-NAS). I'm managing my db with the Webinterface (internal port 8080) and I'm accessing the calibre-web interface (internal port 8081) with multiple users.

Feedback on the 8081-simplified web-interface: The interface is just fine - it would be nice, if it would be possible to costumise the layout of the "overview" (after clicking the ePub-cover) but - with priority - it would be nice to be able to customize the "book details" (visible after clicking the edit button in the right upper corner): It would be nice to be able to decide on the size and position of each column - and if the column should appear at all.

Feedback on "reading an ePub in the browser"
My device: iPad Pro, 10,5; PadOS 13.4.1
From the 8081-simplified web-interface I can directly start reading an ePub with my browser. But this feature still has many bugs / is not working: Reading with the iOS safari browser is not working properly. The text of the ePubs is not completely visible on the device. In addition jumping pages back results in skipping of pages.

The concept of "never leaving the calibre-server" is convincing. I would definitely love to see an improved version.

With regards
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