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Originally Posted by Pajamaman View Post
The Poke Pro is generally an excellent device. However it contains a bug so that at first it doesn't recognize a long press. You have to do it twice. If you plan to look up lots of words in the dictionary, it is annoying. Apart from that, the Poke is very good. It will run most apps.

If you get one, either buy it from Onyx or from the re-seller Booxter in Germany. He is reliable.

If all you want to do is read books from multiple sources, you can already do that on the Kobo.

Learn how to remove DRM in Calibre. Also, if you decide to stay with your Kobo, I recommend you install Koreader, though you don't need to.

It is always a better experience to remove DRM from a book, convert it to epub and sideload it onto your ereader. It's not hard. Using an app like the kindle app on an ereader is not as good.
Thank you so much for your reply! I probably should have mentioned it, but I am using Calibre to load my Kindle ebooks onto my Kobo. I just thought I might try using the Kindle application on the new ereader (together with other reading applications) but if you say that it doesn't work well, I will keep that in mind.

Some of the ebook subscriptions that I use only allow reading ebooks in their Android application, so the only solution I could think of is getting a new e-reader.

Thank you for all your advice, I think that I will get Poke Pro after all. I rarely use dictionaries, I may only need to press the screen to highlight quotes, unless Poke Pro does it differently. Buying Nova Pro will be easier, but I think Poke Pro should be enough for my needs.
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