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Originally Posted by rjcroy View Post
This blog post suggests that Japanese text is possible to some extent, if you install an appropriate font.
Forgot to say... I've asked him to test with that font...

Originally Posted by rjcroy View Post
But Japanese certainly is not a language that Kobo support, and I doubt you would get the kind of polished Japanese book reading experience that you would get with an ereader for the Japanese market, like the Sony PRS range

Japanese novels are usually printed in the text top-to-bottom, right-to-left format. I am not sure the Kobo can support that.

However, dialectal marks for Italian shouldn't be a problem.
Buying the Sony PRS-650 (as I wanted to do), in Italy, does not support Japanese fonts at all (personally tested in a shop) and changing font is completely undocumented and unsupported (even if possible). Buying it in Japan will probably do not support Italian marks... even if this should be a minor problem, since it's only a single letter against a complete word or book!
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