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Smile Sleep of death is gone!

My Vox was working fine, up until the March 2 update. When the notification came up, I elected to download the update rather than run it right then. When it finished downloading, it said to restart my Vox to install the update.

Well, and I don't know if this was the problem, when I held down the power button, I was also holding the volume + button, triggering a reset! There were options for getting out of it but I figured Why not.

After the reset, and the update, all my downloaded apps had disappeared, all my non-Kobo books did not show up, and my library had to be re-downloaded from Kobo. But worst of all, my Kobo now had the Sleep of Death!

Putting it to sleep for 30 seconds was fine - everything came back. However, a sleep of 5 minutes caused my Vox to freeze up - unlock slider wouldn't work, or if it did, the home desktop page was unresponsive. And when I did restart, with the 10 s power button, the WiFi was turned off.

UGLY! Now I had the dreaded "Sleep of Death". Did the update cause it or my accidental hard reset? No idea.

I tried everything I could, from reset in the Kobo Ereader settings, to the deeper reset in the Privacy settings menu. I took the back off and pushed the recessed reset button. Ultimately the Kobo was still cooked. Tried to reinstall the update - couldn't figure out how.

THEN I took the back off and unplugged the battery with a jewelers' screwdriver. Pushed the power button in case there was still some residual power in a capacitor somewhere, and reconnected the battery.

HOORAY! Everything is back to normal! Can sleep for any amount of time and the Vox still wakes up. I have seen the "wake from sleep" once, but the brief flash of light is a minor issue.

BTW, if you do a hard reset, you don't have to download everything again. Using Astro file manager, I located most of my previous app downloads and reinstalled easily. And my sideloaded books were still there, just had to be imported.

A happy camper again!
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