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Originally Posted by chaley View Post
Thanks to user nqk we now have a workaround for the CC dropbox authentication problem. It is possible to login using Google (gmail) credentials. I tried it and it works.

What I did: I
  1. Created a new gmail account specifically for dropbox. I didn't want to mix my normal google stuff with dropbox stuff.
  2. Changed my email in dropbox to the new gmail address.
  3. Verified the email with dropbox (their automated process).
Then, in CC, I tapped the Google button when Dropbox asked me to authenticate and entered the new email address and password. Google asked me for permission to let dropbox see the account (contacts), then Dropbox signed me in.

EDIT: If you already use a gmail address for for Dropbox then you can use the "Use Google" button without changing anything. I chose not to do this because I keep separate email addresses for nearly everything.
Yes, the workaround works On my "Samsung Note 8", it is "Sign in to Google". For detailed steps and diagram, click this link: How to connect to Dropbox (Cloud)

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