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I purchased a program by Dongsoft called epubtokindle convertor. I thought that would work nicely, but the quality of the .mobi files after the conversion is horrible.

I also purchased their pdftokindle program. That is even worse.

I like the quality of the conversions from Calibre. But I really do not need my books catalogued and sorted in all those folders and sub folders and sub sub folders. They get buried too deep. I am getting ready to purchase a couple kindles and will have all my book files loaded on flash drives and dvd's. But I want them sorted in my simple tree structure that does not use sub folders for each book. I will just create one folder for each author. If I have 50 books from the same author, I do not want a separate folder for each book. I want all 50 books from that same author in one folder named for that author. I know some people think the other way is more organized, and technically you are correct. But I do not like the books scattered and buried so deep.

Another great reason to have all files available is that it is easier to create book lists. I like to use folderview for this. It will create and print a list of all files in any folder. You can leave out the extensions and details of the files and only show the name.

I am not proficient at command line work like some of you.

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