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epub load time, possible file optimizations?

I'm reading a longish epub, Man, Economy, and State (with Power and Market) by Murray N. Rothbard on my Kobo.

From clicking on the book in the menu it takes around 2 minutes to get to the page I am on. Once loaded page turns are usually not too bad. The epub is stored on an SD card. I have found shorter books open quite quickly so I don't think the SD card is the problem.

The epub is 4.2MB before uncompressing. I unzipped the epub to check out its structure. After decompressing the total size is 8.6MB. The book is split into html files with uncompressed size of 100-300KB. There are 4.7MB of black and white jpg images, but the largest is only 80KB. Very few pages actually show images (they are small graphs).

I was wondering if there is something I can do in Calibre to help this and similar books load faster, for example is it better to split the html into more or less files? or compress it more or less? If there is no other alternative is there a good way to split it into smaller epubs?

I appreciate your help; please feel free to get technical.
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