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dso371 began at the beginning.
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More on viewing pdfs

I have been trying to make a readable file out of a scanned image pdf downloaded from

First I used Mobipocket Creator to extract the (200+) scanned images to a folder, as png files, and sent it to the Cybook. After disconnecting, I kid you not, the Cybook went crazy, flashing on and off at the start up screen! I thought I'd broken it. I reset it several times, no luck. So I reconnected, deleted the folder of png files, and everything was fine and back to normal. I did this twice so as to verify that the folder of pngs was the problem. Boy, the Cybook hated it.

The I used Creator to build the folder of pngs into an ebook (xml + other files). I previewed it in the Reader, and what a load of junk! Every second png seemed to have been imported OK, but every other one was just garbled text in ugly screen font! Again, I did this twice to verify.

So, back to square one. I don't know how to easily and quickly turn a pdf image file into a readable ebook.

And as for the Mobi software - OK, it's not as though Bookeen are directly responsible for it, but they are recommending it. Be warned, it doesn't always do what it promises.

As for BookDesinger, I found the interface very unintuitive and unfriendly, and it seemed all it could do was the same as Mobi - extract a bunch of png files into a folder. I'm not going to subject my Cybook to that again!

You know what? If I have the money I'll buy the Archos 705 (big screen) and read image pdfs on that, in colour!

Cheers all, and still a fan of the Cybook,
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