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Originally Posted by plus View Post
Wine would not even let you install drivers for the first step. I used Windows 8 in a KVM and handed over the USB controller.

Using Linux, this would be so much easier (debian example):
1.) # apt-get update && apt-get install -y adb rkflashkit
2.) # rkflashkit backup @misc misc.img backup @kernel kernel.img \
backup @boot boot.img backup @recovery recovery.img \
backup @backup backup.img backup @cache cache.img \
backup @system system.img \
backup @userdata userdata.img backup @kpanic kpanic.img
3.) # rkflashkit flash @recovery TWRP_recovery_JDRead_T63_v1.img
But I have no idea about rockchip tools on OS X.


Maybe this one?

Power off your T63 (power button for 7 seconds), connect the USB cable, press prev+next+power for at least 3 seconds. Check if your T63 is in bootloader mode:
# rkflashtool p
Then backup all partitions:
# rkflashtool r misc >misc.img
rkflashtool r kernel >kernel.img
rkflashtool r boot >boot.img
rkflashtool r recovery >recovery.img
rkflashtool r backup >backup.img
rkflashtool r userdata >userdata.img
rkflashtool r kpanic >kpanic.img
rkflashtool r system >system.img
And flash TWRP recovery:
# rkflashtool w recovery <TWRP_recovery_JDRead_T63_v1.img
Thanks for the further help. I managed to use the rkflashtool to back up my system and to flash TWRP recovery. I then followed all the steps from your previous post on 10-14-2016. So now I have the multilingual system up and running!

But I cannot do much. adb does NOT seem to work properly. When I type

adb remount

I get the following error message:

remount failed: Operation not permitted

And when I tried:

adb push gapp/GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk /system/app/

I got: Read-only file system

In the meantime, I am trying to get a refund on my product. I bought it on the AliExpress marketplace from a small supplier, which claimed that they were selling me a multilingual version. The supplier has not wanted to accept a return, saying that there was no such thing as a Chinese only version. I disputed that and AliExpress has ruled in my favor. The supplier is still stubbornly trying to avoid me returning it, so they told me to follow these instructions from the manufacturer, presumably Boyue:

1. Unzip the wire brush tool
2. Shutdown state, hold down the right flip key, insert the USB interface, about 5 seconds after you can let go. Then open the device management manually install the driver (driver in Rockusbv3.7), need to point to the XX XX system. X64 is 64-bit, X86 is 32-bit. For example, 64-bit WIN7 system, it is necessary to point to Rockusbv3.7 / x64 / win7.
3. Open the line brush tool RKBatchTool folder inside the point RKBatchTool, see inside shows green, that can brush machine. ROM package (need to extract ah), point repair can be.
PS: If the driver is installed, but RKBatchTool does not show green, it is because your USB interface is 3.0 reasons. There are two solutions, 1, replaced 2.0 interface. 2. Open the RKBatchTool directory under the config (a gear icon ini),
turn up:
# SUPPORTLOWUSB = TRUE, the scan supports full speed usb device, default only supports high speed usb device
Change this line to:

This looks like a translation from Google Translate, and I cannot make any sense out of it. "plus", can you or anybody else figure out what it means?

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