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Wine would not even let you install drivers for the first step. I used Windows 8 in a KVM and handed over the USB controller.

Using Linux, this would be so much easier (debian example):
1.) # apt-get update && apt-get install -y adb rkflashkit
2.) # rkflashkit backup @misc misc.img backup @kernel kernel.img \
backup @boot boot.img backup @recovery recovery.img \
backup @backup backup.img backup @cache cache.img \
backup @system system.img \
backup @userdata userdata.img backup @kpanic kpanic.img
3.) # rkflashkit flash @recovery TWRP_recovery_JDRead_T63_v1.img
But I have no idea about rockchip tools on OS X.


Maybe this one?

Power off your T63 (power button for 7 seconds), connect the USB cable, press prev+next+power for at least 3 seconds. Check if your T63 is in bootloader mode:
# rkflashtool p
Then backup all partitions:
# rkflashtool r misc >misc.img
rkflashtool r kernel >kernel.img
rkflashtool r boot >boot.img
rkflashtool r recovery >recovery.img
rkflashtool r backup >backup.img
rkflashtool r userdata >userdata.img
rkflashtool r kpanic >kpanic.img
rkflashtool r system >system.img
And flash TWRP recovery:
# rkflashtool w recovery <TWRP_recovery_JDRead_T63_v1.img

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