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Cybook Orizon - touch and buttons dead?


Friend of mine has this old reader, and seems it no longer responds to the touch, nor to the navigation buttons.

What does seem to work is that center button. Holding it while it's booting shows "Searching update..." for a few seconds, but then it just boots successfully.

Nothing happens when main menu is shown - clicking buttons does not show any response. If I connect it to the PC it does show appropriate screen, and goes back to main menu when disconnected, so it does not seem to be "dead frozen".

I guess some electronics are dead..? Or is there a way to do hard software reset? I do have "CybUpdate_3b75a558-963a-4c70-892b-0aac1a0923ba.bin" downloaded, but not sure what can I do with it...

Thanks for any suggestions!
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