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All great points made here. I used to feel the same way. While I don't have a e-reader (yet) I don't feel this is "death to the book". My feelings were initially the same. I love my "books", the stories, the physical essence of them being in my home. However, have a small apartment, my space is limited. And truth be told, there are some books I would rather just discard, rather than have them or trade them. Not that they weren't good.. just taking up space that I really don't have.

I personally have come to this conclusion: The e-reader is NOT the death of a book. Someone recently posted that it is just merely another medium in which authors may be published. And that is just it. Think about mp3 players... it wasn't death of music.. not by a long shot. In fact, it brought forth podcasts of all sorts of shapes and sizes which people can now share the discussion of topics of interest. The music industry didn't die. Did it?

In the current day and age.... we are getting greener. Think of all the trash we will save. How much of the ozone we will restore by not getting in our cars to drive to the bookstore to purchase them. Okay, this is replaced by the consumption of power by the reader and the internet.. but no carbon emissions.

No, I personally think this is a good thing. You will always have those who are reluctant to change... and perhaps they never will. But what is important is that we, as individuals, realize the potential. In addition, that the publishers, computer technicians, and most importantly the authors themselves warm to the idea. That in and of itself is an accomplishment.
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