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EDIT: So I've been playing around with this and wound up settling on MoonReader Pro with an intent to have my "bookshelves" be easily viewed and arranged.

I also use Kobo #myshelves for those book readers.

Created a column called #firstshelf : Column built from other column, behaves like tags.
Template - {#myshelves:'sublist(list_sort($, 0, ','), 0,1,',')'}

Configured the device to build this out. I like having all books in a series at the tops of my 'bookshelves' and so I made prefixes to make it look like that.

{#firstshelf}/{series:|!| - }{series_index:0>3s|| - }{author_sort} - {title}

Engineering/!Calculus Lessons - 001 - Schaum's Calculus 1.pdf

Set the sort by Storage Folder and the book covers will auto sort your series out for you as well based on their filenames.

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