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correct workflow for loading books and collections?


I wanted to check that I have the workflow right, because it is quite convoluted.

I have the plugin installed and the collection manager on my kindle paperwhite 3.

My collections are created using the plugin, based on tag of 'fiction' and 'non-fiction' and imported to the kindle just fine. And I can manually add books to a collection with 'edit kindle collections manually' but I thought I would be able to have books put in a collection based on their tag when I do 'send to kindle'?

Have I got it wrong?

The workflow that I have figured out, but seems overly convoluted is:
  1. import book to Calibre
  2. mark book in collection column.
  3. "Send to Device"
  4. "Create collections on the kindle from calibre"
  5. On the Kindle now, run "Import collections from Calibre"

And then they are in their collections. Is this the best way?

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