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A Few More Button Options

Yes, I know what you're thinking - how could anyone want MORE configuration options for the buttons?

I find the fact that some options are ONLY available on the power button to be a little odd. Is there some reason why "list of last books read" and "lock the keyboard" should be mutually exclusive? Does the Pocketbook explode if you happen to have both features enabled at one time? So I would like to be able to assign these functions to other keys so they (and all the rest) can be available simultaneously.

In addition, even if we enhance the button configuration to allow us to place any action on any button, the fact of the matter is that there are just too many actions and not enough buttons. So inevitably some actions go "unmapped." But does that mean we shouldn't be able to use them?

For example, I don't currently have any key mapped to go into "link" mode. But when I encounter links in my html document, I still need that action. I was thinking that, from the "quick menu" in any book, you should have a choice that would present you with ALL the actions you could take. Yes, it's less convenient than a single click (or hold) on a button, but if they were at least available on the menu, then - even with extra key clicks - they can be activated (unlike now).
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