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Inexpensive Android ereader

I originally joined the forum several years ago and it was a huge help in buying and rooting my first eReader, a Nook Simple Touch that I eventually passed to my son and upgraded to the NST Glowlight. It was great because at the time, most of my book were either Amazon or BN and the Amazon app was functional. Lately, I've been getting most of my books from the local libraries via Overdrive and reading on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8" (which I absolutely adore).

I rarely have time for leisure reading as I'm currently completing residency, but when I do I would like to maximize my time. So, I'm looking for an Android eReader capable of running apps for Amazon, Overdrive, Project Gutenberg, and Librivox. I would love if Goodreads was also accessible, but this is not absolutely necessary.

Must haves:
  • Amazon app
  • Overdrive app
  • Light for reading at night, preferably warm hues
  • small form factor (6-8")

I honestly would rather not spend a lot of money, $150 is my limit. Would a Nook Glowlight Plus or Glowlight 3 be able to run these apps, if rooted? I don't mind taking the time up front to get it set up. I do not want to be tethered to a computer so sideloading is not an option. I'd like to access the libraries directly from the device. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

I've looked at the Boox Prime Pro, but I cannot find a retailer in the US and it's nearly $200 to ship from China.
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