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Thanks! A few things I'm unclear on:

1. The readme says to make sure you have "properly added the appropriate semantic tags to mark your ebook files appropriately." Then in the list of things the plugin does, #5 says it will "add in appropriate epub:type semantic tags," and #6 says it will "map epub:type attributes to their appropriate aria role attribute."

What semantic tags should the author have added? Are they something besides the epub:type semantic tags specified in #5? My best guess is the author must manually code epub:type semantic tags before running the plugin, and that only #6 is actually performed by the plugin, not #5. Is this correct?

2. In #2, the plugin "fills in any missing title tag that is a child of the head tag." Is this the text it collects when "The ncx or nav is then parsed to collect titles for every xhtml file?" I was not able to get this to work; is there a precondition of some sort in the xhtml file?

I think that's it, at least for the moment. It's a useful plugin, and I'd like to make sure I represent it accurately in the article.
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