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Hey, I have a somewhat related problem.

The default file explorer in my boox keeps renaming the pdfs on the screen to whatever is saved in the "Title" filed in the pdf properties. I have thousands of pdfs that are named by Author-Title and displayed accordingly on my laptop. When I move them to boox, it changes all the names right in front of my eyes and since often the "title" encoded in the pdf properties is some random set of letters and numbers, and not the actual title, the file names become unusable and I have to open each to figure out what the article actually is. When I try to rename the file, it displays the correct name in the file name field...
Of course, exploring the same files in the OTFM file manager does not cause the same problem.

Is there any fix for this behavior?

Also, the explorer is extremely slow to open my Mendeley folder that stores around 4000 fles.
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