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OK, so I can safely use kindle-jailbreak-1.16.N-r17396.tar.xz and it will be all good?

How about my other question of how to make sure that I have the jailbreak without the touch screen?

And a followup, is it possible to install the USBNetwork hack without the touchscreen and fiddling with the search bar?

I'm mostly interested in USBNetwork hack, or more specifically the ability to ssh to kindle and running the browser (for using kindle as a display for my home sensors), I don't need packaging, all book related goodies I just need the eink display, browser and ssh

So basically I don't need all the packaging stuff, just the binaries of openssh, some wifi soft (wpa supplicant?) and a way to run them at the system boot.
And forcing kindle to start the browser, but that would be just to sweet

I know my way around the system and programming (but not much C lately ), so I just need a small direction where to start with it, if it is even possible.
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