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I had the same problem. I needed to turn on "Annotation Backup" in the Kindle App on both the iPhone and iPad.

Do the following on each device. (You can start with either one but do the steps on each device. For example, open the app on the iPhone and complete all the steps, then repeat on the iPad.)

1-Open the Kindle app
2-Go to the Home screen of the app
3-Tap the "i" icon on the bottom right of the screen
4-Go to "Settings", "Annotation Backup"
5-Turn on Annotation Backup
6-Back out of Info and close the app.

After you have done this on each device, open the app and tap the sync icon. Open the book and now the book should open at the furthest location.

Originally Posted by Maketso View Post
Good morning, all! This is my first post. I'm an avid reader and love being mobile! I'm looking forward to learning and being able to contribute. Meanwhile, I have a frustrating problem I'm asking for your help with. I tried searching this forum but could not find an answer.

I use an iPhone, an iPad and the Kindle app. When I first added the iPad, things worked beautifully. But now, the pages won't sync between devices. When I stop reading on one device, and try to pick up on another device later, the second device will not recognize where I stopped before.

Things I've tried:

Tapping the little sync wheel before leaving book on first device.
Syncing everything before closing the app on the first device.
Syncing everything when opening the app on the second device.
Tapping the little sync wheel when opening the book in the second device.

De-registering both devices, deleting and re-installing the app.

Verifying that the Manage Synchronization toggle is turned on on the Amazon site.

Amazon/Kindle support staff are stumped.

Any help is much appreciated. Thank you!
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