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Problem with Metadata Plugboard

I have a WM device and use mobipocket to read books, mobipocket does not show the filename in the library, instead it uses the title field, so I was VERY happy to know that now I can use the "series" field in the title, so I went first to the columns and added a new "custom column" of the series type and then went to Preferences/Import-Export/Metadata plugboards and added a plugborad that uses that custom column to display a compact version of the series, so instead of "Dragonraiders of Pern 04 - Dragonnsinger" I should get "DP04 - Dragonsinger" ... but after A LOT of tries all I get is "DP - Dragonsinger" . . the index part is getting lost.

If I use the template "{#series_compact}{#series_compact_index}" in the "Preferences/Import-Export/Sending book to devices" I get the filename just as it should, but if I use the same in the "Metadata plugboard" section it does not work.

Any idea if this is a bug or I am I doing something wrong ?


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