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Syncing progress across Kindle Fire / Kindle PW2

I read on my PW2 and Kindle Fire tablet.

From my research it looks like:

1) It's only possible to have reading progress updated when I send a dual version mobi file to my approved kindle email address.

2) If I try to side load anything; reading progress will not sync.

3) I've noticed that azw3 seems to have the most features; but Amazon doesn't want to let me send this type of file to the Kindle.

4) The only way to get annotations from my personal documents is to use myclippings.txt -OR- by using the calibre annotations plugin?

5) as an aside: if I wanted to read a book in spanish; is there a way to have a spanish - english dictionary ? And would I have to give up my existing english dictionary (or can kindle have two dictionaries on the same device at once)

6) How do I get highlights from my Kindle Fire tablet?

Does this square with reality?

Thanks in advance!

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