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Originally Posted by micomicon View Post
So, the options seem to be...
  1. Keep the 505, register as a US resident in the Connect store.
  2. Keep the 505, buy MS Reader books and use convertlit on them.


Where I need help from you...

I'm having trouble with this decision because I don't have definitive answers to a few questions:
  • Options 1 and 2 seem like easy answers, but are they legal? Are they morally wrong? (I know the legal issues of converting have been addressed in other threads. I'm not convinced there's a definitive answer yet.)


What do you think?
I think our society is doomed.

First, it's absurd for anyone to say "I'll sell you this on the condition that you not take it out of ____ country." That's ridiculous. If you agree to such a contract, you deserve your position as a slave. (Slaves were taught that, for them, reading was wrong - except when their master told them it was OK.)

When you can not buy a book and read it because of moral issues, you have gone over to the thought process common during the NAZI book burnings.

Then there's the absurd complication of your questions...I'm a college professor, and I don't understand what the problem is. It is illegal (under common law, dating to the Hammurabi Code) to have any law that is not published and easily understandable.

Here's a quick summary of why FREE MEN ignore the law:
* IP laws in the US and EU are inherently void due to their complexity.
* All federal laws in the US are void due to the fact that they are not published. Congress claims they are online at, but a quick check will reveal that you can not find any particular section of the CFR, even if you know what you are looking for.
* The CFR is enforced on what people do in their homes, when it can only apply to interstate commerce (see Article I of the Constitution of the US) and the entire CFR is void once again.
* The Preamble to the Bill of Rights says that a legitimate government will follow those rights. The US Govt. operates in violation of those rights, and outside the powers given to it in the Constitution of the US. (E.g., Congress has the power to "coin money," not to authorize a private corporation with no assets that has never been audited to print notes.) Therefore, the US Govt. is not a government, but an organized crime syndicate.

Some would claim that the 10th Amendment gives power to the "States." "States" is an arcane term that has not been used correctly by the US Govt. in over 100 years. "States" are governmental entities that accept no funding from the federal govt. The "State of Texas" (for example) is not a "State" but a part of the federal government due to its' acceptance of federal monies. Because this "state" attempts to enforce laws outside of the purview of the federal government, and because it does not follow the procedures laid out in the Constitution of the US, it has lost its standing as a legitimate government, and is a organized crime syndicate.

If you let them enforce laws on you after all this, you are a slave.

Some would ask how I manage to ignore the laws? It's simple - every educated person knows how illegal the government's actions are. Educated police allow free men to go about their business without interference. Thugs with badges (the other 1/2 of cops) can be backed down - you just need to be better armed and more brutal than they are.

What really throws me for a loop, is that you are a magazine publisher, and you ask these questions?!?! How the @#$^ did we get someone who hates free speech as much as you do working for a government censored magazine...never mind.

If, at this point, you can not imagine how the government can censor a magazine, then you are a brain-washed slave with no chance for freedom.

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