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Originally Posted by nairbv View Post
I'd be quite surprised if Sony added DE support before companies like bookeen/cybook and jinke/hanlin. The later have no proprietary content format to defend, it's only an issue of negotiating with adobe and writing the code. Sony has to wait for sales to slump before they'd consider writing the code. If Sony was willing to offer alternatives, they'd already be offering mobipocket support. They obviously have the resources to write a mobipocket or DE client if they wanted to.
Thanks nairbv! Both Sony and Adobe have made public announcements (albeit somewhat ambiguous) regarding the availability of DE on the Sony Reader sometime next year. They seem committed to this path. Do you know if Bookeen has said anything about supporting any other formats on the Cybook? (I thought Mobi's contract forbade them from implementing competing DRM schemes on the device -- is this not so?)

In any case, I don't know how much value we're going to get out of having DE on any of these devices in the short term. I'm assuming it'll take some time for the DE format to propagate, and 18 / 24 months from now I'll probably be deciding on my second reader anyways.
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