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Originally Posted by cdfick View Post
Hi, everyone. I used my Pocket Pro for the first time last night, and my experience was not a good one. Although I love the look and feel of the reader, the device's function was not adequate. The main problem was that the device would constantly freeze. The problem happened with two .prc files that I downloaded from mobileread...captain blood and sea hawk. With captain blood, the unit froze after every ten pages or so. Sea Hawk froze at the title screen. Has anyone else experienced the same, or does anyone else want to try those files and see if they are having a similar problem?

I like the device and especially its support for numerous file types, but if the files are essentially non-usable, i'll likely return the product. I'm downloading the new firmware right now in hopes that it will solve the problem, but the description of the firmware didn't list this fix.

Welcome everyone's perspective.
I also had this problem (or very similar) that only seemed to happen with prc files (accelerando by charles stross). The first few times that I tried to read it it would seem to get frozen, but then I tried the power button for a few seconds and the device would power up. It seems as if it is powering off without telling me and I need to power it off (not good, not good). But after a few times I tried again and right now I've read about 10 pages without this problem. before I saw the problem after two or three pages.

Also, this happened when I was reading or when the screen was blocked, but with a prc book.

edit: by the way, try with other files.
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