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Originally Posted by Frank's View Post
I wish you're right!!
Ok I'm working for example in this ebook regularly:

Try and let me know if the URL's works with just copy and paste into word.
I'm sorry I was wrong... when I mentioned URL's I didn't mean excally web side connections. Ya URL's work without a problem also in word as long as you have a internet connection.
What I ment was the link's to other quotes in the material source shown above, if I copy parts out of the ebooks, or magazines, they don't work anymore in word.

Kindle is a very nice ebook reader nothing else. Not of any use for me out of different reason I mentioned along this thread.

Originally Posted by Toxaris View Post
To be honest I make all kind of highlights and notes in PDF, but I never print them out. I almost never print anymore. In my experience there is less and less printing.
epub's are comming ==>> With the new generation of PC / Tablet's like Surface Pro with WIN 8 more and more students, teacher and buiness people will use ebooks. For example for handing in homework, a review, a presentation, an expose, or to prepare a discourse, you will have the need to print stuff on paper from time to time. Then you want to cut out pictures you don't need, edit or change text and you want to highlight text and all this without loosing the links until you're done and ready to print what you need.


Originally Posted by Toxaris View Post
Calibre is more a library management tool with some conversion capabilities and Sigil an ePUB creation/editing tool. Both totally different.
That's because we're just in the beginning of epub's. Just look above and beyond what is needed now. Who thought about a PC / Tablet combination with touch screen like the WIN Surface Pro a couple of years ago? Nobody (well maybe Bill Gates). This is like SIGIL for me if you would add just some simple tools more for a "non HTML" end user like me. Sigil would become useful for more people in the future then you may think in the moment.
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