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Device: Pocketbook 302
POCKETBOOK 302 fw v15.2 bugs

1. Some of the notes I take have reverse colours meaning the background is black and the letters are white.
2. If I open a note and then close the book, open another and close it and so on. After I have done it for several book notes all the books will open on the page the last note was opened. So I can't start reading were I left but from the note.
3. pdf zoom options should have a possibility to zoom for x %, not just 100%, 120%. For some pds it would be useful, at least for me.
4. Data transfer from USB stick or using bluetooth is ridiculously slow and both options drain battery rapidly that makes these functions useless.
5. Power off setting(turn of after x minutes) ignores the bluetooth data transfer and it goes back to point 4.
6. Key mapping doesn't work properly. Even though both big side keys are mapped to go to the next page, when the device is placed/held horizontally on one side the forward button takes one page back.

Some of wanted features:
1. Ability to manually change the gray scale for text in pdfs.
Usually in books about programming they use different colours and the pocketbook 302 interprets some of the colours as really light colours. The problem is that it makes it hard to read.
2. Different note taking system (in addition to the 2nd bug).
The problem is that I cannot see where/if I have taken notes by just going through the book pages. The next problem is that I need to close the book after taking a note in order to add some hand written text to the note. For me as a student it is a bit of a pain.

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