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Originally Posted by theducks View Post
I think you are comparing Apples (the metadata view) and Oranges (the file system view)
The Plugboard manipulates the Metadata (as much as allowed by the device)
The Device driver manipulates the metadata as shown on the device and Calibres device view.

the way I resolve device duplicates, is look at the timestamp column after updating the device with the desired version
Yes, we just found out that the option Save template is responsible for the names of the "Oranges" (== in the e-book file system).

However, I am still interested in the problem raised in the first letter - How view a real book name on device.

But I probably didn't quite correctly formulate my question.
In other words, my problem is:
See on Calibre device screen (say, as an extra column) the identical name of the book, that I see in the contents of my e-book.

The reason for this need I can explain, if interesting..
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