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Originally Posted by kovidgoyal View Post
No it doesnt work with folders, it works with actual SD cards that are presented a separate USB mass storage devices to the OS.
OK, understood.

Originally Posted by davidfor View Post
Are you saying that the Doukan software splits the internal storage in the Kindle in two? And that this is presented to the PC when you connect the device? And that this is being mounted on the PC? I haven't used Doukan, or the User defined USB Driver with a device that had two SD cards in it, but, I think the above is the minimum that would be needed for it to work.

And, it might be a good idea to disable the Kindle drivers. I don't know the order the driver and hardware is checked. There is a chance that there could be some interference between the two.
Yes, I have disabled the Kindle drivers. Otherwise Calibre always detects the device as a Kindle.
Duokan doesn't split the Kindle's internal storage. It just adds its own folders to the file structure:

 Volume in drive G is Kindle
 Volume Serial Number is 0000-0003

 Directory of G:\

12/03/2017  11:00    <DIR>          system
12/03/2017  11:04    <DIR>          documents
14/04/2014  12:09    <DIR>          .active_content_sandbox
13/02/2020  10:49    <DIR>          DK_Documents
13/06/2015  12:09    <DIR>          DK_Download
01/07/2013  00:01    <DIR>          DK_News
01/07/2013  00:01    <DIR>          DK_Sync
01/07/2013  00:00    <DIR>          DK_BookStore
19/03/2015  12:11    <DIR>          DK_ReadingData
18/05/2015  06:27    <DIR>          DK_System
31/08/2015  23:06    <DIR>          System Volume Information
30/01/2020  09:29    <DIR>          _Screensavers
               0 File(s)              0 bytes
              12 Dir(s)     802.529.280 bytes free
The original Kindle folders are "system" and "documents". Duokan installation added the "DK_*" ones. The books are stored in "documents" while in Kindle mode, and in "DK_Documents" while in Duokan mode.

What I intended is to manage from Calibre both folders from the "User Defined USB driver" mode configured for Duokan. That way I can have the epub books always in the Doukan folder, but still manage the azw* books from the Kindle folder. I could copy to/from Calibre and make conversions between them without disconnecting the device and/or resetting Calibre or its drivers, having them clearly differentiated by the "main memory" and "card A" menus. Of course, without using the "connect to folder" feature.

Since the answer from Kovid I can see it is not possible.
Thanks both for your help and support.
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