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acceptMediaType basic warnings from Oneclick

This just cropped up this afternoon for me before I updated Calibre but still exists after I updated. Not sure what this warning message is telling me or what to do next. It occurs when accessing a OneClick library.

Starting job: Search for books by 1 author
Overdrive Link 2.25.0, calibre 3.19.0
Search language: English
Search formats: Adobe EPUB eBook, Kindle Book, Mobipocket eBook, Open EPUB eBook
Finding library books by Edward Abbey
Accessing library Pima OC
Search Pima OC for progress by edward abbey
Search Pima OC for progress by edward abbey:acceptMediaType basic
Page 1 of 0
Found 0 books in 1.2 sec
Matching 1 calibre book with 0 library books
Found 0 matching calibre books in 0.0 sec
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