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Originally Posted by Zebedi View Post
Thanks for the update. I think that they now load by series, but can’t be absolutely sure. As only 1021 out of 12395 books loaded there were a lot of gaps. The ones which loaded were from A to Z, not just from the beginning if that helps any. Before the update they stopped at D.

If I keep re-reading the books in, after about 8 go’s, I can get it to about 4,000, after that it just crashes. PS they appear to be in series order though so that good.
I’m afraid I don’t follow. Could you elaborate please?

* When you say a lot of gaps / stopped at D, do you mean empty cells in the list where books should have been?
* How are you re-reading the books in? Pull to refresh, resetting the server URL, force closing and restarting the app, something else?

Unfortunately I have not yet received any automated crash reports for v1.1.0.

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