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Apologies for my late reply - I only just now was notified by the forum's robot about your posts.

Your original post states at 3) that dd returns an error when reading mmcblk2:
dd: /dev/mmcblk2: Input/output error
This may indicate a hardware defect. Your PRS-T1 may have logged additional information, accessible by command 'dmesg' right after the failed dd command, or by a command like 'less /var/log/kern.log'
The command 'dmesg | less' should allow you to page through all the info spewed out by dmesg.

About your 5) where e2fsck isn't found: Perhaps you forgot to download
"Which contains Unzip to find a usable
version of e2fsck, and copy it to the microSD as well," as I wrote in my guide.

Your next post, about restore-set-sd- mentions several issues reported by script.log, the major one probably being three input/output errors returned by dd. I hope you'll find additional information logged by your PRS-T1 right after running that script.
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