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Searching hither thither and yon in the internet I came across the following repository:

I downloaded the file: restore-set-sd-

Put it on an SD card, updated the ereader, it stated that it was finished updating and to restart, so I rebooted change. It's still in and endless loop of rotating arrows! AAAARGGHHH!

Looking on the SD card there is a new directory "dumps" containing the files:
mmcblk2p9.img and mmcblk2p10.img

it was supposed to also create a log file called diag.log, that tells if rescue did complete. That file does not exist. There is, however a file called script.log which contains:

Starting /etc/rc.d/rcS
/initrd/mnt/sd/OS Firmware/files/new.mmcblk2p9.img: Checksum 9aefb3028cde25c5d935224d08687cfe correct
Saving mmcblk2p9
dd: /dev/mmcblk2p9: Input/output error
Flashing mmcblk2p9
dd: writing '/dev/mmcblk2p9': Input/output error
897+0 records in
896+0 records out
Flashing mmcblk2p9 complete 1
/initrd/mnt/sd/OS Firmware/files/new.mmcblk2p10.img: Checksum 3ed85a85507c0eb3b1130001f3e4a3f3 correct
Saving mmcblk2p10
dd: /dev/mmcblk2p10: Input/output error
Flashing mmcblk2p10
102160+0 records in
102160+0 records out
Flashing mmcblk2p10 complete 0
Image mmcblk2p1 not found
Image mmcblk2p2 not found
Flashing /initrd/mnt/sd/OS Firmware/files/new.ramdisk.uimg
418+1 records in
418+1 records out
Flashing /initrd/mnt/sd/OS Firmware/files/new.nboote.bin
256+0 records in
256+0 records out
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