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I had the Boox Max 1, and bought the Boox Max 3. I like it, because:
1. capacitive touch screen (after couple year only with stylus it is amazing how use of finger more convenient, and scribble mode always ON - leaf page with finger, scribble whith stylus)
2. Androids version (9.0 vs 4.0.4)
3. Launcher (more usable)
4. Rotation without 3rd party apps (it is really important to me)
5. More faster work with pdf's (open, scribble, leaf through page) and in general more faster.
6. More ways to optimize 3rd party apps.
7. Navigation Ball (i did similar on Max 1 with root and 3rd party apps)
What i don't like:
1. Color (black more convenient)
2. White styluses tips get dirty pretty soon.
In my opinion it is worth bought Max 3 for replacement Max 1 (maybe only wait for black version).
Really matters improvement would be only front light (realistically speaking).
For stylus you can bought cover - loop fitting close enough.
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