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Originally Posted by Traciinaz View Post
Has anyone else had their screensavers change or disappear after the update? I used to have the quotes screensavers but after the update it switched to something else. When I went to the screen settings, there was no longer an option to pick screensavers. I'm hoping I'm just missing something obvious.
Originally Posted by ZodWallop View Post
Updated my Glowlight 3 to 50.0.117. Negative first: The database is broken, so when I eject the device all the books are there but it's all scrambeled. When I try to open my current book, it seems to pick one at random. But when I find my current book, it opens to the correct location. My Glowlight's been that way for a long time, so it isn't new behavior. It seems to be my Glowlight. At least, I haven't heard others complain about it.

Now on to the positive: Man is it faster! It's faster when browsing my library and faster when searching. The Glowlight 3 is as fast or faster than my Clara and my 2015 Plus running 50.0.118.

Also, while the database is screwy, I don't have to wait ten minutes after ejecting for the Glowlight to settle in.

My 3 was running 49.something before I updated. Overall, the update is a massive improvement. The Plus has always been stable, but the 3 is so much better than it was.
Maybe it's going faster bc of the deletion of the screensaver option? too much space taken up?
I'm just thinking out loud.
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