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Originally Posted by rowe View Post
I have a Poke Pro, and my son has a Nova Pro. We both upgraded from Kindles.

If you're just reading books, despite being cheaper I think the Poke is a better device than the Nova. Due to it's smaller size and weight it's more comfortable to hold. Without the Wacom layer, the screen is sharper for text.

The Nova is a better device for my son as he wants to be able to draw as well as read. And he reads comics on it which benefit from the bigger screen.
Thank you very much for your advice and comparison! I was a bit wary about the wacom screen, even more so that I didn't need the ereader for writing. I'm also very happy that you find Poke Pro light and comfortable to hold, because I find my Huawei tablet much too heavy to hold for longer periods of time (it's where I'm doing part of my reading now).

I've finally ordered Poke Pro and hopefully I shall receive it next week, and I'm very excited to start using it.
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