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Originally Posted by tribune View Post
Hi everybody,

I also run into the problem: usb freezes when i connect to usb/pc.
Flashed the latest 1.0.07 firmware and then rooted...dumb...
..could get into recovery to find and replace the version strings, but
that does not work for me!?
The process with updating 'PRS-T1 Updater.package' does not start at all.
I used to tap menu and home, then switch the device update. Think i made all as described!?

Could any one help me with this problem????

Originally Posted by me
i used a hexeditor in linux, connected it to the reader-memory (sdb) and changed by search and replace manually all version strings found on the disk to the strings are easy to find, because they are in ASCII and readable in hexedit.

after replacing all found strings i copied 'PRS-T1 Updater.package' to the reader-partition of the internal flashdisk once again. i rebooted the device without the sd-card and the updatepack in the READER partition did its job.
you have do do exactly the same. if this does not work, i have no solution. the updater checks the version on the device. maybe you have not replaced all strings or replaced them not with the correct replacement string or you have used another version of the update pack.

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